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EMDOD's New Educational Outreach Program: 


Earl Mosley's Diversity of Dance (EMDOD) LIFTED is a dynamic program with recognized dance educators to support students from all experiences.

Learning, Individuality, Focus, Tolerance, Excellence = Dance!

LIFTED is an inclusive and enjoyable experience that sparks passion, curiosity, imagination, and spirit within the students. Classes should be fun, and challenging, and should foster a sense of connection between the students and the teacher. We want to introduce structured dance learning without the traditional constraints of Ballet technique. All our recognized faculty amplify EMDOD's core values of inclusivity, community, and equity within the creative space.


Classes will be held at Bronx 2, 1804 Holland Avenue, Park Chester, Bronx.

Part of the Excellence Schools program, Bronx 2 is known for offering diverse arts experiences to its students. Bronx 2 is a nine-minute walk from the 2 train.

For additional information, please contact us here!

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