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Seeing Dance


"Parts of the work [UNCONQUERED] consists of impactful vignettes inspired by the personal experiences of those who helped create it. It is often very charged. Yet, rather than painting a picture of people cowed and oppressed, its message is very much one of resilience. It emphasizes connection and community, a determination to be free, and how it is possible to rise above everything and express that freedom. I found it remarkably uplifting and a tribute to the human spirit."

Bryant Park


"Bryant Park Picnic Performances presented by Bank of America continues on June 18th with the final performances of the Contemporary Dance Series, a special Juneteenth Celebration. The performance features... and community-minded dance company Earl Mosley's Diversity of Dance."

Jacob's Pillow


"PillowTalks will be offered... and on Sunday, with a discussion about two short films that highlight the triumphs and challenges faced by dancer today, as exemplified by company directors Earl Mosley of Diversity of Dance..."

CBS News


"Distant no more, they [Rosie's Theater Kids] are guided by choreographer Fredrick Earl Mosley... the message is rehearsing for life -- not just arts instruction but life skills."

Dance Magazine


"How to Teach Inclusive Dance History in the Studio or Class... Earl Mosley, a renowned choreographer, educator, founder/artistic director of Diversity of Dance, and Dance Teacher's 2005 Teacher of the Year, adds 'It's about engaging students in the world they're living in. Approach dance history from their point of view.'"

National Dance Institute


"National Dance Institute has named Earl Mosley as its Helen Stambler Neuberger Artist-in-Residence 2021-2022. Fredrick Earl Mosley is Founder and Artistic Director of Diversity of Dance, which is the springboard for programs such as Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts (EMIA, a residential summer institute) held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island, Hearts of Men (HoM) a program which is designed to use dance to empower and cultivate a safe space where men of all ages can bond in a community of brotherly love, and Dancing Beyond, a benefit for Dance Against Cancer."

Waterbury Republican


"Not all art is intended to lull you into a state of bliss. Sometimes art will, and must, make you uncomfortable by challenging…During "Unconquered," Mosley was able to create moments of sheer dance beauty, even as he tackled tough topics that typically would obscure this beauty."

The Joyce Theater


"This Saturday, June 27 at 8pm ET, Earl Mosley's Diversity of Dance and EMIA presents the Love All Ball on Zoom. With guest judges Dominique Jackson (Tyra Maison Margiela), Twiggy Pucci Garcon, Indya Moore (Xtravaganza), Slim Xtravaganza, and Earl Mosley, step out on the dance floor for an evening celebrating love, diversity, and fun-for all ages! All proceeds will be donated to community organizations impacted during this pandemic, including Brooklyn Community Services, Brooklyn for Life, and The Ali Forney Center."

Hartford Courant


"Development is a crucial aspect of the EMIA dance program for students, no matter their level of experience, assistant director Sheryl Pollard Thomas said, and it is not limited to their moves on the stage. 'We try to incorporate as much professional development [as possible] so the students can feel safe within themselves and safe to communicate what they may be going through, what they're feeling and just to be honest.'"

NEA Foundation


Listen below to a podcast featuring Founder and Director Earl Mosley discussing Hearts of Men (2016) with the National Endowment for the Arts!

"I'm reaching out to young men, not just because of the dance possibilities, dance just happens to be my expertise, but I want them to become better people."

- Founder and Artistic Director, Fredrick Earl Mosley

The FilAm Magazine


Fredrick Earl Mosley, founder and director of HOM [Hearts of Men], said, “It is most important to make sure that the cost of tuition and transportation does not prevent anyone from participating in this transformational workshop.”

The New York Times


"Earl Mosley invited a few friends to join him on Saturday night at the Theater of the Riverside Church, both to perform and to contribute choreography to his show. Most of those friends happened to be well-known young New York modern-dance choreographers or Alvin Ailey dancers. The name of the program was ''In Love in Dance,'' and it was clear that everyone on the stage shared Mr. Mosley's heart-on-the-sleeve appetite for the art."

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