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Photo by McCall McClellan

Behind The Scenes

Dear EMDOD Family,

Ever wonder what goes on “Behind the Scenes” of Earl Mosley’s Diversity of Dance? Well – the wait is over!

I’m proud to welcome you to the inaugural issue of our newsletter where, every few weeks, you’ll receive highlights about EMDOD’s exciting upcoming events and new programs, updates on our alumni and reviews of our recent accomplishments.

Thank you for being part of our community, cultivating, exploring, collaborating, and growing together!

EMDOD takes pride in our mission of bringing dance to all. Happy reading!


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Photos by Ally Douglas and Julia Discenza

Dancing Beyond - Magic!

How do they do it? Dancing Beyond, EMDOD’s annual event to raise funds for the American Cancer Society in partnership with Dance Against Cancer, took place at the National Dance Institute over three days in January. There were four distinct programs, each consisting of 14 to 15 pieces of solos, duets, and ensembles. At least 150 dancers - both professionals, including EMDOD alumni, and dance newbies - performed. They came from a myriad of schools and companies, all connected in some way to our ever-growing family, and remarkably they were mostly teens and pre-teens!  The works presented were created by both EMDOD alumni and master choreographers - all reflecting the unseen magic wand of Frederick Earl Mosley. Three days of artistry, technique and JOY!

Center Stage

EMIA alumnus Isaiah Harvey was recently featured in performances by the heralded dance company Ronald K.Brown/EVIDENCE in their six day run at The Joyce Theatre. We might be somewhat prejudiced, but we think he lit up the stage!  Big Congrats to Isaiah, who has been a part of our family since 2015.

Isaiah for EVIDENCE.jpeg

Photo by Quinn B. Wharton

LIFTED Teachers Collage.png

Known Photo Credits (from left to right):
Aidan Rivera, Nir Arieli, Aishia Sampson, Whitney Browne, Alexander Diaz


Our latest endeavor to bring the joy of dance and movement to ALL
EMDOD has launched LIFTED (Learning, Individuality, Focus, Tolerance, Excellence = Dance), our new educational outreach program to spread our special approach to dance and dance education. Our inaugural project begins this month in  partnership with Excellence Charter Schools (ECS), an award winning school system located in the Bronx and Connecticut.  Led by the wonderful Daniel Padierna and Robert Redick as Program Administrators, we have recruited a stellar corps of dance educators who embody our core values of inclusivity, community and equity within the creative space. They will not only provide basic instruction in a variety of dance genres, but will share their joy in movement. A special thanks to the amazing Torya Beard, an EMDOD Board Member and Artistic Director at ECS for creating this opportunity for such an inspiring collaboration.  See a glimpse of our LIFTED team.

EMIA 2024 Developing Performing Artists

If you know young people who would like to learn the magic of dance and do the hard work to achieve it, please guide them to EMIA (Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts), our residential summer intensive with weekly performances that display the dancers’ talents and achievements. Even if you don’t know an interested aspiring dancer, please be an angel by contributing to the scholarship fund. You’ll be able to attend a performance to see the significance of your contribution.

When: July 7 – August 3, 2024

Where: Hofstra University


Photo by McCall McClellan


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