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Dancing Beyond's mission is not only to entertain but to use dance to help affect lives in the most adverse circumstances. Mr. Mosley has taken his philosophy and has created a winter intensive called Earl Mosley’s Dancing Beyond; A Benefit for Dance Against Cancer. Every artist involved in this intensive donates their time and effort in the fight for the cause. EMDODs Dancing Beyond is a fantastic way to share dance, passion, and spirit throughout the holidays while exploring movement with some of New York's finest choreographers! The showcase not only allows young dancers to work side-by-side building long-lasting relationships, but it also gives participants a chance to perform the work for a cause. Through ticket sales and donations, Dancing Beyond fuels significant contributions to the Dance Against Cancer Fund. Dancing Beyond is becoming a part of the growing community of artists that are making leaps and bounds in the everyday battle of raising funds to help in the fight against cancer. Dancing Beyond is in its sixth season and it's making a difference with every step towards a cancer-free world. 

Culminating performances were held on January 18th & 19th, 2020 at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center. There was a 3:30pm matinee and 7:00pm evening performance on both days. The program included works and new creations by outstanding choreographers, schools, and companies all in support of Dance Against Cancer. Dancers chose to work with one or two choreographers. Each work was performed twice over the weekend. The participation fee to work with any choreographer was $100. Choreographers included: Shay Bland, Antonio Brown, Anya Clarke, Jesse Obremski, Robert Redick, and others. 

Audiences were thrilled by all four performances with a sold out house. 

We are humbled to collaborate with Dance Against Cancer and Manhattan Movement Arts Center for our Dancing Beyond Performances. 

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