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Founder and Director Fredrick Earl Mosley's most recent creation, initially in response to COVID-19 and racial injustice, found another powerful need of human connection and how we'll always prevail and be unconquered!



Virtual Screening Premiere March 6th-8th, 2021

"The kinetic choreography performed by [Fana] Tesfagiorgis effectively conveyed this communal frustration. The piece made me think about what role I, and my peers, might have..."

"The choreography that accompanied the president's words exemplified the strength to persevere."

- Michael Chaiken, Waterbury Republican-American


"UNCONQUERED was UNBELIEVABLY UNFORGETTABLE!!!! Riverting! Thank you Mr. Mosley for channeling the passion, for constructively fueling internal flames and for creating space and community for dancers of all ages, races and backgrounds to speak, challenge and affirm, demand and command... reminding us that we are indeed connected... reminding us that we can, we must strive always to do better, be better, see better, listen better, connect more, love more, and be more for each other. Our lives depend on it."

- Tiffany Barnes, The Ailey School Junior Division Director

"UNCONQUERED is a beautifully crafted outlet for artists to express themselves and make a statement through the power of dance."

- Greg Sinacori, Associate Assistant Principal of LaGuardia High School Dance

Thank You For Joining Our Community And Supporting the acclaimed UNCONQUERED!

A Message From Founder/Director/Choreographer

Fredrick Earl Mosley


Fredrick Earl Mosley, UNCONQUERED Choreographer and Director

Founder and Artistic Director

Earl Mosley's Diversity of Dance

Image above of the beloved John Lewis

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Samantha Barriento



"There are so many reasons why Mr. Mosley has played a special role in my life and the lives of others that I have the opportunity to dance with. Yes, he is a smart choreographer and uplifting spirit, but he is a visionary. He can see inside every dancer a special gift that even they can't see themselves. And when he sees it, he challenges himself to bring it out of them. 

Because each of us has been inspired, advanced, and injected with a passion for information by Mos, we have this shared experience that negates all differences. Black, white, yellow, brown, red, or green... we all belong. We all get to shine. And we all see the shine in one another."

"Being a part of this body of work meant diving into the culture and history that has shaped the way we move; not just the way that we move in the studio, but the way that we move as a nation. It meant being a physical protest. It meant taking responsibility to be a leader. I feel privileged to be in a space where I can help to depict a history of people that deserves more recognition than it has received."

Samantha Barriento



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Photography Credits: Alex Diaz (Fredrick Earl Mosley), May Minard (Samantha Barriento)

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