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As the inaugural cornerstone program of Earl Mosley's Diversity of Dance (EMDOD), Earl Mosley's Institute of the Arts (EMIA) began with a plethora of enthusiasm, excellence, and empowerment at The Marvelwood School in Kent, Connecticut in July 2005. This annual four-week intensive was founded alongside professionals __________ among others.

EMIA quickly grew to become to be the defining culture of what EMDOD is: Cultivating, Exploring, Collaborating, and Growing Together. Expanding on the vision and atmosphere that Founder and Director, Fredrick Earl Mosley cultivates, the first intensive __________ (facts about the first intensive) ________.

In 2018, EMIA transitioned to Hofstra University, which was part of the larger expansion of EMDOD and initiated a growth of EMIA itself. Later in 2020, EMIA reached international spaces with participants and partnership from London, Japan, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Israel, and the United States.


As a mainspring for the rest of EMDOD, EMIA continues to be central to the heart and culture of EMDOD with a vast legacy that lives on through it's participants and community.




EMIA Spirit

“EMIA is lifting up the youth during these times in powerful, awe-inspiring ways. It was an honor to participate in this Summer’s series!” 


— Camille A. Brown

Multi-Award Winning Choreographer, Founder and Artistic Director of Camille A. Brown and Dancers

Photos: Josefina Santos (Camille A. Brown)

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