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DiAFF 2021 Virtual Resources

Artist Support & Relief

The Dance Union
Black Dance Change Makers
Actors Fund

Discounted Studio Rentals

Bridge for Dance
Producers Club
Phone: 212-315-4743
$20/hr rate for EMDOD DiAFF Filmmakers

Inspiring Movies Rooted in Activism

John Lewis: Good Trouble
- 2020 Film, 97 Minutes
- Documentary, Social Justice
- Available on Google Play ($3.99 rental)
I Am Greta
- 2020 Film, 1 hour 42 minutes
- Documentary, Climate Change
- Available on Hulu & Amazon Prime

Artist Support & Relief

Black Girl Linguistic Play | Camille A. Brown
TEDx Beacon Street Salon
Using your voice is a political choice | Amanda Gorman


- Unlimited books, audio books, podcasts, magazines, & sheet music
- 30 Day Free Trial ($9.99/month, cancel anytime)
- Freelance services (Videography, editing, logo design, etc.)
- Free app & website
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