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Dear Diversity of Dance Family,

Greetings to all of you! We miss you, we miss being together, and we miss dance!

We worry, too --- about keeping our entire community together both in body and soul. Through EMIA, Hearts of Men, and Dancing Beyond, we have created a unique and heart-rich community that serves and molds student artists, provides a home for young professionals to develop their skills as dancers, choreographers, and mentors to the next generation, and turns parents and audience members into family members because of the artistry and passion shown in our work and the love with which it is shared. The training and support that we began offering  22 years ago have brought us to this moment – we have taken young dancers who were unsteady on their feet in every way, and given back to the world thousands of artists, young and old, who are now thoughtful and strong individuals who maintain a generosity of spirit and a true sense of being connected to others.  

We know with certainty that we change lives and uplift everyone we touch.  What more can today’s world ask for?

And so we fight every day to strengthen and grow our family despite our physical separation. It is in this spirit that Mr. Mosley, with the help of so many of our artists, created a platform to spread the love, and to foster an ongoing exchange of art, resources, and tools to survive and even thrive within this "new normal".  Just last week, we launched a new, virtual dance class and talk series with daily events which can be accessed at We will soon also have a place there to post your thoughts and concerns, to find help, and to share dancing of all kinds. Please visit often and share with your friends and family who need a connection, and who know how essential it is to keep art in their lives.

We have decided to postpone our annual spring scholarship fundraiser with plans to reschedule in the fall. But we still are hopeful that EMIA and Hearts of Men will go on as planned, and we know that now, more than ever, our developing artists will need financial help to attend these dynamic and life-changing programs. As a member of our family, you certainly know that the vast majority of our participants receive financial assistance. And, understanding that we are all members of this family, we are committed to finding ways to support our artists who now find themselves without income. We welcome your financial support, your creative ideas, and your willingness to roll up your sleeves so that together, we can make a difference in our community and beyond -- as we have always done.

With Love and Positive Thoughts,

Candace Carponter

Board President


 "During these unexpected, unpredictable and challenging days that are not only testing the soul of our country, but is also testing the humanity of each of us citizens; let's everyone agree that we are all here together and will get through these difficult times with one voice in unity determined to get back to business at hand. Please remember not only should we listen to the scientific community and other professionals; trying to figure out the best and fasted procedures in combating COVID-19; We should take care ourselves and take care of each other. I believe the best way to show love right now is practicing safety for all."

Earl Mosley

Founder & Artistic Director

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