1996 Diversity of Dance, Inc. was founded by Fredrick Earl Mosley in 1996 as a professional dance and teaching company.


1998 Diversity of Dance, Inc. became a not-for-profit501(c)3 organization.


2005 Earl Mosley’s Institute of The Arts began an annual four-week summer dance intensive at The Marvelwood School in Kent, CT in 2006.


2011 Earl Mosley’s Diversity of Dance started an all-male intergenerational "Hearts of Men" project, a year-long outreach program specifically targeted to uplift and celebrate young men through dance with an annual summer intensive.


2012 Earl Mosley and EMIA received Connecticut Dance Alliance's Distinguished Achievement in Dance Award.


2013 Dancing Beyond was created in collaboration with at Manhattan Movement Arts Center serving 80-120 students, along with area schools and companies with all proceeds donated to American Cancer Society.  


2016 Earl Mosley received the Martha Hills Mid-Career Award along with Earl Mosley’s Institute of The Arts Alumnus Eric Parra receiving Martha Hills Young Professional Award.


2018 Earl Mosley’s Institute of The Arts relocated its summer intensive to Hofstra University, in Hempstead, NY.