Dance Talks at EMIA gives a platform for emerging artists to engage with EMIA students, through workshops, performances, and Q&A's. Once a week during the month of July, EMIA will invite choreographers or companies to The Marvelwood School in Kent, CT to share their work with our students. This is a fantastic opportunity for young and emerging choreographers to present their work to an audience of over 100 students and faculty, gain experience in teaching, and make connections with EMIA's resident faculty and choreographers. Artists will be compensated with a financial stipend towards travel/expenses, dinner at the dining hall, and they will receive free high-quality video footage of their performance, workshop, or discussion. Below is a mock schedule that each company/artist might receive:

Masterclass/Workshop (4:15pm-5:20pm)
Dinner (5:30pm-6:20pm)
Performance and/or Q&A (6:30pm-7:45pm)*

*schedules subject to change*

Not each artist is required to perform, teach, and hold a Q&A, but we consider the discussion or Q&A to be integral to the mission of this program and ask that you allow at least 1hr for discussion with students. The focus of the discussion portion can be your own work as a choreographer or any number of other topics including dance education, auditioning, becoming a choreographer, etc.

This program will take place throughout July 2018 and is located at Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York. The artist is responsible for arranging transportation, though EMIA has a limited number of cars to pick up artists at nearby train stations. The stage (approximately 20" x 35") has a black marley floor, backstage space (stage-right), no backstage crossover and minimal lighting capabilities. You may request one technical rehearsal. Sight-specific work is allowed, with applicable weather, upon request and discussion with EMIA.

If you have any questions please contact 

Dance Talks Artists of 2017

Mersiha Mesihovic l CIRCUITDEBRIS  

MICHIYAYA Dance Company 

ARIM Dance 

The Victory Dance Project

Dance Talks Artists of 2016


The Victory Dance Project


LiNK! the movement

Ballet Inc.

Robert Redick *name pending*

EMIA Artists/ Shay and Samantha



Breeanah Breeden

Scott Willits

Patrick O'Brien Dance

Dance Talks at EMIA Series