Dec 13 7:30-9:30 PM

Dec 18 7:30-9:30 PM

Jan 3   7:30-9:30 PM

Jan 8   7:30-9:30 PM

Jan 10 7:30-9:30 PM

Jan 15 7:30-9:30 PM

Jan 17 7:30-9:30 PM



Robin Dunn’s F.A.C.E. method (Focus, Attitude, Confidence, Energy and Eye Contact) is a formal personal coaching technique designed to aid artists and business professionals with attaining their ultimate power on stage, on camera and in the work place.


Dec 14 6-9PM

Dec 21 6-9PM

Dec 28 6-9PM

Jan 4    6-9PM

Jan 11  6-8PM



Guided by Anya Clarke Artistic Director of MICHIYAYA Dance, She starts with a simple warm-up, followed by anatomical and imagery-driven prompts. Movers are encouraged to explore their natural style of movement and own bodies. These sessions serve as a safe space for people to gain self-awareness, build connections with others, and experiment.


Jan 8   5-9PM

Jan 9   5-9PM

Jan 10 5-9PM

Jan 14 6-8PM



Chalvar’s workshop is centered around articulation of the body and musical impulses. Participants will take part in creating a world where music serves as a primary tool of call & response for dance making.



Jan. 7   6:00-9:00PM

Jan. 9   6:00-9:00PM

Jan. 11 6:00-9:00PM

Jan. 14 6:00-9:00PM

Jan. 16 6:00-8:00PM



Antonio Brown’s piece is a thriving work that showcases the dynamics between music and the relationships it creates within the human body. Creating connections through actual touch and dynamic pulsing sounds the artist will take you on a journey of inner and outer exploration.


Dec 19 6-9PM

Dec 20 1-7PM

Dec 27 6-9PM

Dec 29 2-4PM



Sidra Bell’s CONTEMPORARY SYSTEMS- is an interior & material approach to movement that encourages provocative thought and an immersive approach to the subject matter of the body. Bell’s work demands a high degree of physicality and input from the dancers, encouraging them to execute movement with intention, curiosity, care, rigor, and empathy.


Dec 4   6-9PM

Dec 11 6-9PM

Dec 18 6-9PM

Jan 8    6-8PM

Jan 17  6-9PM



Nathaniel’s process begins in a space that is supportive and collaborative. He directs with different modalities provoking vulnerability and encourages dancers to relish within their insecurities, to explore deeper within the process. He seeks to highlight the dancers strengths and to challenge them to push past their personal limitations, to reach the brink of impossibilities.



Dec 27 6-9PM

Dec 28 6-9PM

Jan 2 1-4PM

Jan 4 6-8PM

Jan 12 1-4PM



With collaboration, deep communication, and exploration through process, dancers will take part in a creation with Jesse Obremski of a WORLD PREMIERE which will play around physicality, musicality, sensitivity, community and any combination of those. With the concept that perfection is not possible, we will explore our possibilities through experiencing, individually and collectively. Come and join this experience!


Nov 13 6-9PM

Nov 14 6-9PM

Nov 27 6-8PM

Nov 28 6-8PM 

Jan 7 6-8PM



Conducted by the director of The DASH Ensemble, Gregory Dolbashian, the class is a highly developed series of improvisational tools and games that warms and pushes both the mind and the body to break habits and fulfill more presence. These exercises are all methods that Gregory has developed and utilized to create movement with The DASH. The artists learn confidence not just in themselves but also in the environment that they are a part of. Games and tasks work both on the individual and in tandem, so that Flow Space creates a community for progress, inspiration, and most of all, discovery.